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Dog Training / Behaviour

Puppy Training 121
(up to 12 months old, learning basics, for people who cannot make classes)

Covers areas such as toileting, play biting, recall, sit stay, lead walking etc.

Includes free food assessment.

Assessment undertaken in your own surroundings at home

Dog Training 121

Covers areas such as recall, sit stay, lead walking, recall etc.

Includes free food assessment

Puppy/Dog Virtual Training 

For the busier people amongst us...some early evening appointments available.

Covers 1 or 2 specific areas

via Whatsapp call or Messenger calls.

A video taken prior to the training assessment would be particuarly helpful.

Issues could be playbiting, jumping, socialisation, chewing etc.

Includes free food assessment

Behavioural Assessments

Covers areas such as lack of socialisation, minor aggression, guarding etc.

Includes free food assessment.

2 hour assessment.

Please note some of your assessments may require referral to 3rd parties to sometimes help on a specific issue.

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