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Woof Woof Derby was set up by Antonia back in 2011. The business was initially set up as a dog training business operating in Darley Park. After one and a half years of running the training classes and one-to-one sessions alongside her full time role as a Business Manager in a bank, Antonia took the plunge and went full time self employed with the new introduction of what is now her main business, mobile dog grooming. 

In order to set up the mobile grooming arm of the business in the summer of 2012, Antonia did extensive research to see if it was viable, as well as researching conversion specialists for her van and undergoing extensive training for learning how to groom. It has since paid off as she now has a loyal customer base, with only a few spaces for new customers. 

Now the number thirteen maybe unlucky for some, but 2013 was yet another fantastic year, firstly with the introduction of the dog food aspect of the busiess where Antonia upon meeting you and your pooch advises whether the Super Premium, Grain Free or Natural range would be suitable for your dog. (if customers are interested obviously). The dog food element of the business has continued to grow as Antonia arranges for delivery to be shipped directly to your door within 48 hours of ordering. 

On a more personal note, Antonia became engaged to her husband and father of her beautiful daughtwho arrived in September 2017. This has meant after maternity, Antonia willl from April 2018, continue to run the business in all aspects but 3 days a week instead of 5 days until her daughter is full time at nursery. In 202 during the covid pandemic Antonia, discovered she was pregnant with her son Sebastian. Following his birth, she decided to sell her van to adapt her life and business to more children friendly hours and now continues to run her business from home in Mickleover, in a salon specially developed for her customers.

Our Team

Its just me, myself and I!


Bath & Grooming, Training, Dog Food Specialist

Our Team
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