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The Emmi-pet Ultrasonic Tooth Brush

The most gentle brushing method for the dog is the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush. This dog toothbrush looks like an electric toothbrush, but is completely silent and therefore tolerated even by sensitive animals (see above). Ultrasonic technology also eliminates the need for mechanical brushing. The toothbrush is simply held to the dog's teeth, the cleaning is done by the ultrasound. The ultrasonic waves penetrate up to 12 millimeters deep into the gums and therefore not only clean the teeth, but also prevent such dangerous periodontitis. Thus, one achieves an extremely gentle all-round oral hygiene, so that bad odors do not even arise.

Initial Assessment

Covers areas such as assessing the dogs mouth for any loose or broken teeth or underlying tooth/gum problems that may prevent me proceeding. Gives an indication to how many sessions if any are required. Includes 30 minutes teeth cleaning.

Teeth Cleaning Sessions
Post initial assessment sessions up to 30 minutes or depending how long the dog is happy for me to continue. 
However if your dog is groomed with me and you want to add maintenance sessions to your grooms, they are for 20 mins. 

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