Adult Dog Food Ranges

Our dog food is not cheap dog food made from low quality ingredients. Our dog food is premium quality dog food at a cheaper price!

Our Super Premium Range is cooked to perfection for amazing taste and excellent digestion. It is a  Hypoallergenic food benefiting from a liberal garnish of chicory, yucca and dandelion. Great care has been taken to make sure all our hypoallergenic foods do not contain anything that may upset your dogs stomach.Our Hypoallergenic range is free from: Wheat, Wheat Gluten, Pork, Beef, Egg and Dairy Products

Our Grain Free Range  has more than 50% fish, freshly prepared fish & 50% meat, freshly prepared meat and added omega 3 which supports cognitive function, visual development and helps reduce the inflammation response which causes sensitive tummies. Grain free offers your pet a much more natural diet, dogs wouldn’t eat grain in the wild, choose grain free and give your dog the best.​ Some of the most common benefits of our grain free pet food that we hear about incude: Improved coat quality, No more scratching, Improved stool quality (less and smaller), No more paw biting, Improved teeth and gum condition, No more stinky coat or breath and Improved Behaviour​.

Grain Free Range

Super Premium Range

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The van operates within a 15 mile radius of Derby town centre only.